100 Most Influential Energy People of 2011 (#Energy100)

Who is making a difference and what impact are they making in the energy industry?

..movers, shakers, rising stars, explorers, wildcatters, dreamers, innovators

..oil, gas, solar, geothermal, hydro, wind, coal, nuclear, biofuel

..c-level, services, public relations, marketers, engineers, geologists, investors, inventors

25 of the Influencers nominated so far include:

  • Dan Arthur (President at ALL Consulting)
  • Mark Boling (Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary at Southwestern Energy)
  • Brendan Bradley (Manager of Communications at Independent Petroleum Association of America)
  • Michael R. Bromwich (Director at Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation & Enforcement)
  • Russ Capper (Owner & CEO at The EnergyMakers)
  • Kirk Brand Coburn (Co-founder & Managing Director at SURGE Accelerator)
  • Michael J. Economides (Editor-in-Chief at Energy Tribune)
  • Tony Fadell (Founder & CEO at Nest Labs)
  • Allen Gilmer (Founder & CEO at Drillinginfo)
  • George Gosbee (Founder, President, Chairman & CEO at AltaCorp Capital)
  • Richard Kinder (Chairman & CEO at Kinder Morgan)
  • Kathryn Zuberbuhler Klaber (President & Executive Director at Marcellus Shale Coalition)
  • Amory Lovins (Chairman & Chief Scientist at Rocky Mountain Institute)
  • Michael E. Lynch (President at Strategic Energy & Economic Research)
  • Mieko Mahi (Owner, Photographer & Videographer at EnergyImages.com)
  • Keith Mauck (President & Owner at American Energy Communications)
  • Aubrey McClendon (Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO at Chesapeake Energy)
  • George Mitchell (Philanthropist)
  • Brandy Brazell Obvintsev (Founder & President at Energy People Connect)
  • Michael J. Palmer (Inventor)
  • T. Boone Pickens (Founder, Chairman & CEO at BP Capital and TBP Investments Management)
  • James Sharp (Vice President Natural Gas Investments at MAP)
  • Jim Surjaatmadja (Chief Technical Advisor-Technology at Halliburton)
  • Jennifer Valencia (Director of Client Relations at Unleaded Communications)
  • Bill Weihl (former Green Energy Czar at Google)

25 more nominations will be published as we celebrate the New Year.

Who else would you nominate?

Nominate your notables in comments and follow the #Energy100 topic with @Oilmahn on twitter.

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