75 Most Influential Energy Nominees of 2011 (#Energy100)

The latest 25 nominees of #Energy100 have been published.  While some nominees may be controversial, all of these influencers are making a difference in the energy industry… whether it’s positive or negative influence may be a matter of great debate, but influential nonetheless.

The latest 25 nominees amongst the 75 Influencers nominated so far are highlighted in red and include:

  • Shai Agassi (Founder & CEO of Better Place)
  • Alan Armstrong (Chairman & CEO of Williams Partners GP LLC)
  • Dan Arthur (President of ALL Consulting)
  • Eric Besson (French Minister of Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy)
  • Gary Bloom (CEO of eMeter)
  • Mark Boling (Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary of Southwestern Energy)
  • Brendan Bradley (Manager of Communications at Independent Petroleum Association of America)
  • Michael R. Bromwich (Director at Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation & Enforcement)
  • Scott Brown (CEO and Managing Partner at New Energy Capital)
  • Maria Cantwell (United States Senator from the State of Washington)
  • Russ Capper (Owner & CEO of The EnergyMakers)
  • Ralph Cavanagh (Co-Director at Natural Resources Defense Council)
  • Dick Cheney (46th Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush)
  • Fu Chengyu (Chairman at Sinopec)
  • Aneesh Chopra (Chief Technology Officer of the United States)
  • Greg Clark (Construction Services Program Manager at Community Energy Services Corporation)
  • Kirk Brand Coburn (Co-founder & Managing Director of SURGE Accelerator)
  • G. Allen Brooks (Managing Director at Parks Paton Hoepfl & Brown)
  • Tom Corbett (Governor of Pennsylvania)
  • Robbie Diamond (Founder, President & CEO of Securing America’s Future Energy)
  • Greg Ebel (President & CEO of Spectra Energy)
  • Michael J. Economides (Editor-in-Chief at Energy Tribune)
  • Tony Fadell (Founder & CEO of Nest Labs)
  • Ahmad Faruqui (Principal at The Brattle Group)
  • Jim Flores (Chairman, President & CEO of Plains Exploration)
  • Doug Foshee (Chairman, President & CEO of El Paso)
  • Josh Fox (Writer & Director of Gasland)
  • Ashok Gadgil (Scientist at U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Jack Gerard (President & CEO of the American Petroleum Institute)
  • Allen Gilmer (Founder & CEO at Drillinginfo)
  • George Gosbee (Founder, President, Chairman & CEO of AltaCorp Capital)
  • Jim Hackett (Chairman & CEO of Anadarko Petroleum)
  • Dave Heineman (Governor of Nebraska)
  • Charles Hendry (U.K. Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change)
  • Jeffrey Hildebrand (Founder, Chairman & CEO of Hilcorp Energy)
  • Orjiakor Isiogu (Chairman of Michigan Public Service Commission)
  • Jim Keffer (Texas State Representative)
  • Richard Kinder (Chairman & CEO at Kinder Morgan)
  • Chris King (Chief Regulatory & Strategy Officer at eMeter)
  • Kathryn Zuberbuhler Klaber (President & Executive Director at Marcellus Shale Coalition)
  • Bill Limbrick (CIO & Vice President of Organizational Development at IESO)
  • Vito Longo (Technology Editor at T&D World Magazine)
  • Amory Lovins (Chairman & Chief Scientist at Rocky Mountain Institute)
  • Michael E. Lynch (President at Strategic Energy & Economic Research)
  • Mieko Mahi (Owner, Photographer & Videographer of EnergyImages.com)
  • Keith Mauck (President & Owner of American Energy Communications)
  • Kenny Mercado (Sr. Vice President of Regulated Operations Technology at CenterPoint Energy)
  • Aubrey McClendon (Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Chesapeake Energy)
  • Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany)
  • Alex Merle (Director International Sales & Trading at Cressman Tubular Products Corporation)
  • George Mitchell (Philanthropist)
  • Sam Moody (CEO of Rockhopper Exploration PLC)
  • Barrack Obama (President of the United States)
  • Brandy Brazell Obvintsev (Founder & President of Energy People Connect)
  • Michael J. Palmer (Inventor)
  • Mike Peevey (President of California Public Utilities Commission)
  • T. Boone Pickens (Founder, Chairman & CEO of BP Capital and TBP Investments Management)
  • Trevor Rees-Jones (Founder, President & CEO at Chief Oil & Gas)
  • Jeremy Rifkin (Owner of The Foundation on Economic Trends)
  • Art Rosenfeld (Former Commissioner of California Energy Commission)
  • David Sandalow (Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs at Department of Energy)
  • Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman of Google)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (38th Governor of California)
  • Bobby Shackouls (former Chairman, President & CEO of Burlington Resources)
  • James Sharp (Vice President Natural Gas Investments at MAP)
  • Dinghuan Shi (President of China Renewable Energy Society)
  • John W. Somerhalder II (Chairman, President & CEO of AGL Resources)
  • Jim Surjaatmadja (Chief Technical Advisor-Technology at Halliburton)
  • Mark Udall (United States Senator from Colorado)
  • Jennifer Valencia (Director of Client Relations at Unleaded Communications)
  • Bill Weihl (former Green Energy Czar at Google)
  • Jon Wellinghoff (Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee)
  • Donnie Wilson (Co-founder & CEO of Elastec/American Marine)
  • Floyd Wilson (Former Chairman & CEO of Petrohawk Energy)
  • Daniel Yergin (Co-Founder & Chairman at HIS CERA)

Who else is making a difference and what impact are they making in the energy industry?

..movers, shakers, rising stars, explorers, wildcatters, dreamers, innovators

..oil, gas, solar, geothermal, hydro, wind, coal, nuclear, biofuel

..c-level, services, public relations, marketers, engineers, geologists, investors, inventors

Last chance, who else would you nominate for the 100 Most Influential Energy People of 2011?

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