April is #Energy100 Month

April is #Energy100 Month

It’s finally revealed!!  Who are the 100 Most Influential Energy People of 2011?  Who made a difference and what impact did they make in the energy industry?

Now, after months of extensive research, I’m happy to present the inaugural debut of #Energy100 recognizing movers, shakers, rising stars, explorers, wildcatters, dreamers, and innovators from all over the energy industry… conventional and alternative, in the boardroom and out in the fields, many globally famous while some only known to their peers…but you should get to know them all.

This first edition of #Energy100 will be presented in an orderly random order with only the #1 slot being pre-determined…that being the ‘energy’ person who had the biggest influence on me in 2011.

All month-long I will present #Energy100 in bite-size morsels so you can savor the accomplishments and contributions of each and every one of these Energy Influencers.

So please, read the profiles, click on the links and discover stories about each of these 2011 Energy Influencers.  Get to know them.  And if you get to meet one of these Energy Influencers in person in 2012, congratulate them and get to know them on a more personal level.  They deserve it.

#Energy100 will culminate the week of April 30th along with one of Houston’s biggest energy events of the year, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).  Why?  Because it’s guaranteed that there will be a party somewhere that week…not in celebration of #Energy100, but a party nonetheless.  🙂

Special thanks to everyone on Twitter and LinkedIn who took the time to send in nominations and leave comments along the way.  Without you #Energy100 would not have been possible.

So, while some of these choices may be controversial, all of these influencers are making a difference in the energy industry…whether it’s positive or negative influence may be a matter of great debate, but they’re influential nonetheless.

Congratulations to every one of our #Energy100 Influencers!!!

Here’s the first group that you’ll get to meet next week:

  #96 Russ Capper (Owner & CEO of The EnergyMakers)
  #97 Michael R. Bromwich (Director at BOEMRE)
  #98 Brendan Bradley (Manager of Communications at Independent Petroleum Association of America)
  #99 Mark Boling (Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary of Southwestern Energy)
#100 Dan Arthur (President of ALL Consulting)

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