Energy Influencers #96 – #100

Energy Influencers #96 – #100

Here’s the next group that you’ll get to meet tomorrow:

  #91 George Gosbee (Founder, President, Chairman & CEO of AltaCorp Capital) 
  #92 Allen Gilmer (Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO at Drillinginfo)
  #93 Tony Fadell & Matt Rogers (Co-Founders of Nest Labs)
  #94 Michael J. Economides (Editor-in-Chief at Energy Tribune)
  #95 Kirk Brand Coburn (Co-founder & Managing Director at SURGE Accelerator)


 #96 Russ Capper

Owner & CEO of The EnergyMakers

Houston, Texas

Longtime Owner & CEO of The BusinessMakers Show, Russ Capper started The EnergyMakers Show in July 2011 “featuring interviews with energy innovators, thought leaders and public policy makers discussing the challenges of the world’s rapidly increasing thirst for energy and the new approaches aimed at solving the problems”.

While The EnergyMakers Show is hosted by Paul Dickerson, Capper has interviewed hundreds of other innovative entrepreneurs (including several other #Energy100 influencers) on his flagship The BusinessMakers Show.

As an avid entrepreneur, Capper himself has even been interviewed by co-host John Beddow.


#97 Michael R. Bromwich

Former Director at Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation & Enforcement

Washington D.C.

One tweeter nominated Michael Bromwich because “regardless if u like him, changing face of US #OCS ops”.  That he did.

In the wake of the 2010 Gulf oil spill, Bromwich was brought in to reshape the now-defunct BOEMRE and make “offshore exploration and production safer and more environmentally responsible than ever before”.  Known as a tough enforcer who cleans up troubled agencies (FBI, Delaware prison system, Houston/Washington DC police departments), Bromwich did just that.

Even Gulf Coast lawmakers have to agree that Bromwich changed the face of US outer continental shelf operations… for good (safety) or for bad (pace of permitting).

In December, James Watson took over where Bromwich left off with the newly created Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).  Next year #Energy100 too may say Goodbye Michael Bromwich, hello James Watson.


#98 Brendan Bradley

Manager of Communications at Independent Petroleum Association of America

Washington, D.C.

Brendan Bradley serves as manager of communications and staff editor for the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), a national trade association representing America’s independent oil and natural gas producers. 

While managing IPAA’s publications, newsletters, fact sheets and official blog (Access), Bradley’s “from Washington” columns appear in publications such as Upstream Pumping Solutions Magazine where he covered industry regulations in the Spring & industry jobs in the Fall.


#99 Mark Boling

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary of Southwestern Energy

Houston, Texas

Mark Boling was nominated by a “roughn enigineer” on twitter for “his work on the NY state frac panel”. 

Having both law & geology degrees, Boling knows how to tread the line when it comes to the politically & environmentally sensitive issue of fracturing.  He does it legally, scientifically and more importantly, collaboratively.

Boling recently teamed up with the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund to resolve some of the major environmental issues related to hydraulic fracturing, like groundwater contamination.

While still a work in progress, portions of Boling’s model regulatory framework (regulatory language that state agencies could use to update their regulations for well construction and operation) have already been adopted by states like Arkansas and Pennsylvania.


#100 Dan Arthur

President of ALL Consulting

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our first #Energy100 Influencer is a wanted man in many states…Texas, Illinois, Montana, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma…

As founder, managing partner & president of ALL Consulting based in Tulsa, this petroleum engineer is a recognized authority on environmental issues pertaining to unconventional resource development & production, so everybody wants him…the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Ground Water Protection Research Foundation (GWPRF), the National Petroleum Council (NPC)…even China wants him.

So if you need someone with oil & gas, engineering and environmental expertise, Dan is your man…if you can find him.

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