Energy Influencers #91 – #95

Energy Influencers #91 – #95

Here’s the next group that you’ll get to meet tomorrow:

  #86 Mieko Mahi (Owner, Photographer & Videographer of 
  #87 Michael E. Lynch (Energy Consultant)
  #88 Amory Lovins (Co_founder, Chairman & Chief Scientist at Rocky Mountain Institute)
  #89 Kathryn Zuberbuhler Klaber (President & Executive Director at Marcellus Shale Coalition)
  #90 Richard Kinder (Chairman & CEO at Kinder Morgan)


 #91 George Gosbee

Founder, President, Chairman & CEO of AltaCorp Capital

Calgary, Canada

Listed as one of Alberta’s 100 Top Business People of the Past 100 Years, “finance junkie” George Gosbee believes that Canada’s prosperity and the future of Alberta and its energy economy are tightly intertwined, and that means his total commitment to the Keystone XL pipeline.

Although “politics is getting in the way of good public policy,” Gosbee believes the pipeline will ultimately be built.  Meanwhile, the delay bodes well for alternative projects such as the Northern Gateway pipeline to the Pacific.

Founded in 2010, Gosbee’s AltaCorp Capital is an institutional financial advisory firm with a big focus on energy.  And if that weren’t enough, creator/writer/director/producer Matt Palmer has even enlisted Gosbee to be executive producer for his multi-format documentary project “Unintended Consequences” which will examine the externalities of the energy systems needed to transition from a high carbon to low carbon society.

Sounds like somebody is planning on replacing John Fox on next year’s #Energy100…and Gosbee is influential enough to give Matt, and the Keystone XL pipeline, a fighting chance.


 #92 Allen Gilmer

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO at Drillinginfo

Austin, Texas

Allen Gilmer is Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of a company “that was born as just a gee-whiz idea between friends over a couple of beers”.  Mmm…beer.

That company is Drillinginfo which provides oil and gas data intelligence and has been listed by Inc. magazine as among Austin’s fastest-growing companies in four of the past six years.

Named as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2011 Central Texas finalist, Gilmer has also co-founded several E&P companies and served leadership positions with the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners (TIPRO) the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, and the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC).

Widely recognized for his industry leadership and vision, Gilmer may have also been the anonymous oil and gas industry executive contributing to the Open Choke energy blog.  I don’t know that for a fact since it’s a “nom de plume”, but it makes for another great conversation over a couple of beers.  Mmm…beer.


#93 Tony Fadell & Matt Rogers

Co-Founders of Nest Labs

San Francisco, California

They’re bringing sexy back….to energy conservation.

Tony Fadell & Matt Rogers both left Apple to start up Nest and they brought gadget innovation and simplicity with them….in the form of a thermostat.

Introducing the Nest Learning Thermostat.  Not only can you control this device from other devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop), but it learns from your behavior.

While “your actual heating and cooling system remains as dumb as ever”, Fadell & Rogers are helping people, and devices, around the world become smarter when it comes to saving energy.

Here’s hoping that Tony & Matt spread their influence with more energy-saving innovations in 2012.


#94 Michael J. Economides

Editor-in-Chief at Energy Tribune

Houston, Texas

As Editor-in-Chief of Energy Tribune, Economides is also a leading energy analyst, consultant, educator, author, speaker and petroleum engineer.

Economides has done major contributions on reservoir stimulation theory, advanced reservoir exploitation strategies and complex well architecture design features.

Currently a professor at the Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston, Economides remains influential in his pursuits for driving deep offshore technology development, world energy scenario forecast and natural gas development…along with the occasional congressional testimonial and flaming critique of “Gasland”.

#95 Kirk Brand Coburn

Co-founder & Managing Director at SURGE Accelerator

Houston, Texas

One #Energy100 Influencer interviewed by both Russ Capper on TheBusinessMakers Show and by Paul Dickerson on The EnergyMakers Show is serial entrepreneur Kirk Brand Coburn.  He recently co-founded SURGE Accelerator, a mentor-driven seed accelerator investing in energy and IT start-ups.

Based in “The Energy Capital of the World”, Coburn leads SURGE in solving the world’s energy problems using software for Smart Grid Applications, Energy Trading & Risk Management, the Digital Oilfield, Energy Efficiency, and Regulatory Compliance.

And he provides a lot of help & expertise to accomplish that goal, collaborating with over 80 mentors having experience in every facet of the energy industry.

The inaugural class is now going thru boot camp.  Looking forward to seeing some of these entrepreneurs nominated along with Coburn for #Energy100 in 2012.


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