Energy Influencers #86 – #90

Energy Influencers #86 – #90

Here’s the next group that you’ll get to meet tomorrow:

  #81 Michael J. Palmer (Inventor) 
  #82 Brandy Brazell Obvintsev (Founder & President at Energy People Connect)
  #83 George Mitchell (Philanthropist)
  #84 Aubrey McClendon (Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO at Chesapeake Energy)
  #85 Keith Mauck (Owner of American Energy Communications)


 #86 Mieko Mahi

Owner, Photographer & Videographer of

Houston, Texas

Called “the Annie Leibovitz of the energy industry” by a Survey Editor at Oil & Gas Journal, Mieko Mahi is known for her images which bring “a technical industry to life.”

Mahi is an award-winning freelance photographer and videographer whose specialty is energy – upstream, midstream and downstream…offshore drilling rigs, production platforms, pipeline construction and fabrication, onshore drilling, refineries, and natural gas liquids plant.

While her work has been widely published on the covers of hundreds of trade magazines, it’s her gatherings which make her influential.  For Mahi is also the organizer behind Oil & Gas Gathering (OGG).

While Houston hosts many energy networking groups, OGG is networking with other people in the oil & gas business on a more intimate level, building long-term relationships and not just one-off connections.


 #87 Michael E. Lynch

Energy Consultant

Biarritz, France (?)

While I don’t know if this world traveler now lives in Texas, London, or the Pyrenees, I do know that I can always find him and his excellent analysis at G+ (formerly GLG News).

Over his 50+ years as a petroleum engineer, Lynch has worked the drilling fields in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

It is with this experience and wealth of global knowledge that he is able to provide detailed analysis like no other….like the descriptive background in this insight on why ‘Oil fields are dangerous but remunerative places to work”, or when reviewing works of other #Energy100 influencers like that of G. Allen Brooks ‘Musings’.

Currently Lynch is an independent consultant specializing in providing consulting services on reservoir engineering, reserves estimation, production forecasting, and redevelopment planning for depleted oil fields.  In his spare time he writes historical oil field novels under the pen name, Linton Morrell.


#88 Amory Lovins

Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Scientist at Rocky Mountain Institute

Old Snowmass, Colorado

Amory Lovins is an experimental physicist, environmental scientist, writer of 31 books, Co-Founder/Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), and tireless advocate of the ‘soft energy path’ and the ‘negawatt revolution’.

In 2011 Lovins published ‘Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era’, a book that analyzes the possibility of converting the United States to almost total reliance on renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and wind power.

Along with his 10 honorary doctorates and numerous awards, Lovins was most recently recognized by Automotive News on ‘Electrifying 100’ for being one of the key players driving vehicle electrification with his design concept of the hybrid-powered Hypercar.

When not briefing heads of state, giving expert testimonials, advising corporations, delivering lectures, writing papers…Lovins strives to become influential enough to appear on #Energy100.


#89 Kathryn Zuberbuhler Klaber

President & Executive Director at Marcellus Shale Coalition

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Kathryn Klaber was nominated on LinkedIn (Marcellus Shale Formation Group) because “she has done so much to advance, educate, lobby, and bring so many parties to the table for the industry. She works tirelessly, and has been seen on several national news channels to discuss the subject”.

Calling shale gas a “game changer among game changers“, Klaber is not afraid to answer tough questions about drilling either.

Klaber serves as the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s first President, working closely with elected leaders, regulators and the civic community to realize the responsible development of natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations.

While Klaber strongly believes that the nation can benefit from the responsible production of clean-burning natural gas, with the continuing drop in prices she also believes that there will be fewer natural gas wells drilled this year.  That makes her job, and those questions, a little tougher in 2012.

#90 Richard Kinder

Chairman & CEO at Kinder Morgan

Houston, Texas

This headline says it all: “El Paso Takeover Crowns a Career of Deal-Making”.  Richard Kinder is building an oil & gas pipeline empire.

Kinder Morgan has struck about 90 acquisitions since its $1 billion merger with Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline Partners in 1997.  After being taken private 4 years ago, Kinder brought the company public again early 2011 in what would be the largest private equity-backed I.P.O. in American history.  Then in October Kinder Morgan announced its $21 billion takeover of El Paso.

With its latest ‘Midstream Two-Step’ Morningstar says that the “addition of El Paso’s assets also extends Kinder’s footprint across the continent, reaching every major market and producing region”.

So, while Kinder says “It’s unlikely we’ll do one this big again,” don’t expect this shrewd and strategic deal maker to remain quiet in 2012, especially when it’s his choice to sit it out or dance.

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