Energy Influencers #36 – #40

Energy Influencers #36 – #40

Here’s the next group that you’ll get to meet:

  #31 Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman of Google) 
  #32 David Sandalow (Assistant Secretary for Policy & International Affairs at Department of Energy)
  #33 Art Rosenfeld (Commissioner of California Energy Commission)
  #34 Mike Peevey (President of California Public Utilities Commission)
  #35 Sam Moody (CEO of Rockhopper Exploration PLC)


 #36 Alex Merle

Director International Sales & Trading at Cressman Tubular Products Corporation

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

Alex “Danger” Merle is Director International Sales & Trading at Cressman Tubular Products Corporation (CTPC), a stocking distributor of new, steel tubing, casing and line pipe for the oil and gas drilling industry.

Merle was proudly recommended by his peers…quite possibly for being an international man of mystery.  Schooled in London, this Great Brit majored in both French & German.  His expertise crosses several continents and language is no barrier.

Merle started off his oil and energy career trading oils…vegetable oils.  Soon thereafter he became a pipe trader and within a decade has become well-versed with both international and domestic US steel pipe sales.

One colleague said Merle “has great working knowledge of OCTG [Oil Country Tubular Goods] products and unparallelled knowledge of the European, North Africa, USA, Canada markets.”

No doubt, @AlexMerle is an international deal-maker and his sales mojo is so good that even @ArtCressman should tweet “Yeah, baby, yeah!” 

 #37 Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

Berlin, Germany

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, has embarked on the world’s most ambitious plan to power an industrial economy on renewable sources of energy.  It wasn’t her choice until push came to shove.

Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011 convinced Merkel, a trained physicist, to do a u-turn on nuclear energy.  Merkel had been pro-nuclear in the past but the disaster “forever changed the way we define risk in Germany.”  She quickly announced an accelerated phasing out of all 17 German nuclear reactors.

Merkel would like to see all nuclear plants in Germany shut down within 10 years and has a broad six-point plan to put into practice Germany’s vision of a future powered entirely by renewable energy.  This “energy revolution” is to replace the nuclear portion of Germanys energy demand (about 25 percent) with solar, wind, biomass and natural gas.

All eyes are on German renewable energy efforts to see if transformation of the nation into one powered by renewable energy sources can really work.  Germany will become the world’s most important laboratory of “green growth.’

What does #Energy100 Influencer Jeremy Rifkin think?  “If Germany can’t pull this off…we don’t have a plan B.”  Merkel is up to the challenge, hopefully Germany is too.

#38 Vito Longo

Technology Editor at T&D World Magazine

Redwood City, California

“Hundreds of utilities are now using social media in their communication, marketing, web, and, in some cases, customer service strategies.”  That quote comes from a June 2011 article in Transmission & Distribution World (T&D World) magazine article titled “Survey Ranks Utilities Using Social Media.”

If that T&D article were titled “Survey Ranks Editors Using Social Media,” Uncle Vito would be among the top…along with utilities Avista & SRP.

Vito Longo was previously a Project Manager in Power Delivery at the Electric Power Research Institute and Overhead Transmission Line Engineer at PG&E.   Longo has been Technology Editor at T&D World since 2006 and has been an early adopter of social media providing utility news, upcoming T&D World feature articles, industry events and “pithy [and witty] observations about life and culture.”

While Longo’s job at T&D is to get “utility personnel to author feature articles…for publication,” once in awhile the reader gets to enjoy his writings as well which are full of history and life experience….enjoyable even though I know nothing about 12-phase transmission lines.

Others in the industry have also followed Longo’s lead of becoming better versed and integrated into social media….editors and linemen alike.

#39 Orjiakor Isiogu

Chairman of Michigan Public Service Commission

Lansing, Michigan

Over the past century Michigan’s economy had risen and fallen with the gas-powered automotive industry.  Now Orjiakor Isiogu is helping to revive Michigan’s economy with plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

With over two decades of experience in public service and the regulation of public utilities and telecommunications services, Isiogu was appointed in 2007 to the Michigan Public Service Commission.

In this position Isiogu has assembled the Michigan Plug-in Electric Vehicle Preparedness Taskforce in an effort to bring together the knowledge and expertise of a very diverse team of stakeholders (utilities, nonprofit organizations, government groups, electrical contractors/inspectors, automotive manufacturers, local clean energy organizations) to provide a seamless customer experience and acceptance of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEV) in the state of Michigan.

Isiogu made sure the task force addresses such issues as education and communication, incentives, rates, infrastructure issues and building code changes needed for installation of charging equipment.

Isiogu was selected in June 2011 for Automotive News Electrifying 100 for helping to revive Michigan’s economy with innovative, and collaborative, energy programs such as the PEV taskforce.  He was selected for #Energy100 for the same reason. 

#40 Charles Hendry

U.K. Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change

London, England

Charles Hendry was appointed UK Minister of State for Energy in May 2010.  He supports Secretary of State Edward Davey and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Hendry understands that decisions being made now on how much and what type of energy is needed will affect the UK for the next few decades.  That’s why he believes it is so important to strike the right balance between creating clean energy from renewable sources and nuclear and using current energy sources in a green fashion.

To meet UK carbon emission reduction targets Hendry was active in 2011 exploring different technologies and initiating policies in a wide range of energy sectors including shale gas exploration (with its ever-controversial fracking technology), offshore drilling, nuclear and wind energy.

Like countries all over the world, the UK has many energy choices, but it’s hard to balance conventional energy and renewable energy without tipping the scales.

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