My new year resolution: finish posting profiles for Energy Influencers #1-10

Wow, 2012 went by so fast that I never posted profiles for Energy Influencers #1-10…

My sincere apologies to the following influencers:
#10 Marc Lipschultz (Head of Energy and Infrastructure at KKR)
# 9 Amy Harder (Energy and Environment Reporter for National Journal)
# 8 John Pinkerton (Chairman & CEO at Range Resources)
# 7 Jorge Piñon (Visiting Research Fellow at Florida International University)
# 6 Arun Majumdar (Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy)
# 5 Charles Davidson (Chairman & CEO at Noble Energy)
# 4 Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada)
# 3 Steven Chu (United States Secretary of Energy)
# 2 Frederick L. Potter (Executive Vice President & Board Member of Hart Energy)
# 1 Henry Blodget (Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider)……[updated 3/6/13 to include profile below]

My new year resolution: finish posting these #Energy100 profiles…better late than never 🙂

Many thanks to Andrew Biar for the reminder.

#1 Henry Blodget

Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider

Energy1New York, New York

#Energy100 is not ranked in any particular order, with one exception…#1.

Henry Blodget is the honorary #1 for this inaugural release of the 100 Most Influential People in Energy, which may be a bit odd considering that this former top-ranked Wall Street Internet analyst has almost nothing to do with energy…almost.

I started #Energy100 just for fun, inspired by Blodget and his team’s Silicon Alley Insider’s Annual SA 100 List.  That was tech but I thought “movers & shakers” in the energy industry should get some kind of recognition as well.  And so, #Energy100 was born, thanks to Henry Blodget.

I also thought that the release of #Energy100 might be a good excuse to have a party, Blodget and his Silicon Alley Insider team had one…which is another reason why Henry Blodget is #1.

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