VIPERs: Even the most passionate and influential people in energy got to eat

5/7/2015 VIPERs: The Beginning

The Algonquin Round Table at The Viper Room

Ladies & Gentlemen…..Movers & Shakers…..members of The Vicious ‘Energy’ Circle?

Well not all of us are writers or have wits like those who reveled at The Algonquin Table in the 1920’s …..or entertainment celebrities served by waiters while swapping stories at the Dinner for Five in the 2000s …..or even on the guest list for Silicon Valley’s Secret CEO Power Dinners …..but even the most passionate and influential people in energy got to eat right?

You are all the most influential people I know in energy.

How much so?  Enough for me to profile many of you a few years back for #Energy100 (Alex, Allen, Brandy Jennifer, Kirk) and some even last year on my Oilpro Energy Influencers post (Allen again, Austin, James).

Some of you I knew online for years before I had the pleasure of meeting in person, a few of you are still out there somewhere……maybe I’ll meet some of you at the TYP Networking Social at the St. Regis later on tonite.

I also know that you are the most passionate folks in energy as well.

For year(s) I’ve read/listened/watched your content online and enjoyed having one-on-one conversations with you at many events in Houston.  You have perspectives from all corners of the energy industry as writers, editors, lawyers, founders and directors in social media, software, services, upstream, investments…….thank you for continuing to share your knowledge, humor and opinions with us other oil/gas/energy professionals.

Even the most passionate and influential people in energy got to eat.

What I’m trying to say is, let’s have dinner together.  Not sure who knows who already, but I thought it would be cool just to kick back, relax, chat energy, trade barbs, tell tall tales & stories while we enjoy dinner & drinks together.

So if you’re hungry for some conversation let me know and I’ll put you on the guest list for whenever/wherever in Houston we decide to eat.  I’d invite you all over my humble house in Cypress (not Humble) but afraid I could only host a Dinner for Five…without the waiters J

If you’d rather eat alone, I understand and will take you off the list.  I just thought it would be fun for us to get together every now & then and not wear a name tag J

If you have a better e-mail address than the one I snagged from LinkedIn let me know that too.

Thanks everyone, I hope to see you all again (or for the first time) soon.  Brian

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