Land Management Technologies 5-Part Q&A Series (Part 3)

UK-based Gastech News interviewed me in 2015 for a short 5-part Q&A series on how land management and information technologies can be used to maximize activities in the gas industry.

Although the questions focused on the gas industry, the answers apply to the entire oil & gas industry.

Here is Part 3….

How are gas companies transforming their land departments?

Many of the energy software companies have long embraced the concepts of ‘Agile’ development. Introduced in 2001, agile software development promoted “adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement and encouraged rapid and flexible response to change.” To succeed in this ever-changing industry, land departments have to embrace those underlined keywords as well…..adaptive, evolutionary, early, continuous, rapid and flexible.

Agile Keywords

Jim Highsmith was one of the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. You could easily think he was talking about transforming a land organization when he said “The Agile movement is not anti-methodology…..We embrace modeling, but not in order to file some diagram in a dusty corporate repository. We embrace documentation, but not hundreds of pages of never-maintained and rarely-used tomes. We plan, but recognize the limits of planning in a turbulent environment.”

While agile methodologies can be difficult to implement in large organizations, I believe these will be key elements for land departments to enhance the use of their limited (and aging) resources. We must quickly capture best practices in order to onboard the many millennials hitting the oil & gas patch during the ‘Great Crew Change.’ From these ‘best practices’ of what worked in the past, millennials will create ‘next practices’ on what will work going forward.

What’s your opinion? What methods are you using to transform or support your land department?


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